Hair History: Devil’s in the Details

October 12, 2017 by wsadmin

Dear Client,

Let me tell you a little something about your hair stylist, she would absolutely love to be able to work without having to sit you down and interrogate you about every whimsical thing you have done to your hair in the past couple of years. But alas, we live in a world where your boyfriend did break up with you, your cat did die, you did over-drink and embarrass yourself at the company Christmas party (wait where was I going with this?).

Anyways, often times in transitional phases of our lives the first thing we like to change is our hair! So when you sit in your stylist’s chair and they ask you what have you done to your hair the last couple of years, we don’t mean to drudge up old painful memories, we need to know those devilish details! Whether it be that year you decided to do your own roots or that time you decided you wanted to dye your hair the same color as your soul (black of course), let us know.

Now I know your asking yourself “Why is my hair stylist so nosy?”, well, let me tell you hairstylists are selfish creatures that want nothing more than to do the best hair humanly possible while you sit in their chair. They have the nerve to want you (yes you!) to walk out of their salon with the most gorgeous color, cut, and style. Ready, with their business cards in your hand, to climb the highest mountain and tell everyone how great they are at doing hair. So if you don’t tell them about that time you did your own roots, now you have ugly banding and yet another stylist is crying themselves to sleep. Wait, you want to keep that redhead phase a secret (it’s been covered up for so long) whoops now you have green hair, and another stylist throws herself on her own shears a disgrace to her profession. The moral of these tales is this, if you have any love for your stylist’s general well being and sanity please be as honest and accurate with your hair history as you can. Oh and just remember this little fact, even if you’re not honest and open about hair’s past, you’ll be wearing the truth on your head before the service is over.

Yours Truly,

Team Dare to Dye

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